Interview with Parsiana

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Hoshang Jalejar


1) When and how did you enter this field of conducting tours and travel

My start in 1987 was a collection of knowledge & experiences I gained from working with large size travel agencies of the 80’s. I felt it would be more satisfying to manage tours independently than being limited to a set & standardized pattern of operations .

2) The growth and development of your agency

Every year I make efforts to increase clients by focusing on wider marketing & advertising for more visibility of premium tours. Spenta offer new destination plans to visit East Europe & never before adventure activities in 2013. My unique facility is that I have moved from a cost based approach to value-for-money- pricing . We have leisure tours consisting of both premium & budget tours. Additionally we have been handling educational & adventure trips for schools & colleges. Our working style too does not reflect too many tours but selective scheduling round the year & improvement of customer service .Today thanks to internet we do have a global presence through our website www.spentatour.com & many more affiliations & tie ups than before. It has been challenging to handle the recent business overseas with WZCC & we are open to similar joint ventures

3) The travel/tourism industry today as compared to when you started

Today expectations have changed & clients are now better informed & actually decide their future destinations. So I am quick to take note of this newness & present them with novel experiences & packages.

4) The risks/rewards of taking large groups

For me this is a matter of luck. If I have sourced the right supplier, the responsibility is shared & I am complimented. If not, the responsibility is born by me & my team who need to put in double efforts to make the tour a success without inconveniencing the client.

5) Main customers -- individuals, seniors, corporates?

Customers are -mainly from Zoroastrian lineage comprising of senior citizens who join my group tours & individual families who seek out more from their holidays. The rest of my clients are cosmopolitan from corporate offices, clubs, federations, associations & educational institutions. Customers come to me mainly by word of mouth & so its mostly an emotional connection between my clients & spenta.

6) What made you name your agency Spenta

Spenta means bounteous & furthering . It was my dream to have a sustained business which would not be affected by age or time . I have realized this dream through my motto “ Come as a guest and leave as family”

7) Any family members in the business with you

My wife who is the joint director & my son who volunteers on operations of large size group trips.

8) Your USP

My new products, my understanding of client requirements over the years, support from my team, my affiliations with organizations & travel bodies & my goodwill with my clients.